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Cop who killed Breonna Taylor get ax for firing wildly: chief

Cop who killed Breonna Taylor get ax for firing wildly: chief
Myles Cosgrove will have a hearing with Louisville's police chief Thursday to determine the fate of his job.

Chief Yvette Gentry said Myles Cosgrove did not “properly identify a target” when he fired 16 bullets into the apartment Taylor shared with her boyfriend, the Louisville Courier Journal reported.“The shots you fired went in three distinctly different directions, demonstrating that you did not identify a specific target,” Gentry wrote in Cosgrove’s pre-termination letter, according to the Courier Journal.Gentry also said Cosgrove violated the department’s body-camera use policies, namely by not having one, the Courier Journal reported.Gentry said such an action was a clear violation of police rules.

Detective Myles Cosgrove (Louisville Metro Police Department) Cosgrove, Jonathan Mattingly and Brett Hankison fired dozens of shots into Taylor and Kenneth Walker’s home on March 13, with six of those shots hitting the 26-year-old Taylor, killing her.Louisville’s police department sacked Hankison back in June.

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