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Concerts draw people to New London's restaurants, businesses

Concerts draw people to New London's restaurants, businesses
Music and food are on the menu in the city's downtown.

New London — Sean Nelson’s love for jazz was solidified when he was still in middle school and he bought his first John Coltrane CD.The Social soon became home base for Nelson's New London Big Band, a 17-piece jazz orchestra formed in 2016.Nelson is just one of many musicians who have found their careers flourishing through a schedule of live shows played in New London’s restaurants such as Hot Rod Café, the Bayou, City Dock and Octane.New London Mayor Michael Passero said he developed a deep friendship with Daddy Jack’s owner, Jack Chaplin, who died in 2021.

"He really took the restaurant scene and the music scene in New London and brought it to the next level; really sort of showed us how we should do it." Bury said the restaurants in New London offer the opportunity for local musicians to see what their followers like.

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