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Concern over unfortified sugar imports

Concern over unfortified sugar imports
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Sikhulekelani Moyo, Business Reporter BUY Zimbabwe has expressed concern over the proliferation of unfortified sugar imports in the market, a development that is exerting undue competition with local products, Buy Zimbabwe has said.In a statement yesterday, Buy Zimbabwe general manager Mr Alois Burutsa said not only is the violation of fortified sugar working against the intended objectives behind set regulations, it is also creating unnecessary competition with local products.” Since 2011 Buy Zimbabwe has been spearheading a campaign to promote local procurement and consumption of locally produced goods.“As Buy Zimbabwe we are urging against the importation of these unfortified sugar brands as they pose a health risk, especially to children.

“Buy Zimbabwe expressed concern over reports that some imported unfortified sugar brands are being sold on the local market in contravention of Section 4 and 5 of the SI 12-0 of 2016, which requires that sugar be fortified with food fortificants that have been approved by the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare,” said Mr Burutsa.“The unfortified sugar brands are Ashna Golden sugar, Sunshine Brown Sugar, Liberty Brown Sugar, Atlanta Brown Sugar and Cosspex Brown Sugar.

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