29 Sep, 2020 08:45 am

Column: Volunteers from the military could speed COVID-19 vaccine testing

In the United States, there have been more than 200,000 confirmed deaths caused by COVID-19. Worldwide, the number of deaths reported due to the disease is close to 1 million. The actual death toll is likely significantly higher due to...

Trial results have to wait for a sufficient number of subjects to accidentally be exposed to coronavirus for a statistically valid difference in infection rates to emerge between vaccine recipients and controls.Rather than wait for a sufficient number of vaccine or placebo recipients to be exposed in the community by chance, this approach entails deliberately exposing trial participants to the virus after a certain time has elapsed since vaccination.If a call were made for volunteers to participate in a challenge trial within the ranks of the military, with the likely result that tens or hundreds of thousands of American lives could be saved, there is little doubt that a sufficient number of volunteers would emerge.However, in spite of the continuing death toll, the pace of vaccine development is limited by the speed with which clinical data on efficacy and safety can be gathered.

In turn, such speed is limited by the fact that all trials to date are being carried out with community-dwelling recipients, who receive either a trial vaccine or a placebo Newsletters Daily Headlines Breaking News Subscriptions Subscribe Activate Digital Subscription Subscriber FAQ Classifieds Jobs Autos Real Estate Sales Real Estate Rentals Merchandise Animals Announcements Services Financial/Business Services Legals Place an ad E-Edition Social Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube About Us Careers Coverage Area Glossary Copyright Notice Privacy Policy Terms of Use

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