18 Sep, 2020 06:15 am

Column: Trump put politics ahead of American lives

This week, the 200,000th American victim of the novel coronavirus will die. We’re in crisis, and tragically, it will get worse before it gets better.As a U.S. senator, I served under three presidents, a Democrat and two Republicans. All three were...

7, in a private, recorded interview with journalist Bob Woodward that is now on The Washington Post website, President Donald Trump said, “This is deadly stuff .Sixty-eight percent of Americans don’t trust what Donald Trump says about the pandemic, according to an ABC/Ipsos poll released a few days ago.Donald Trump is a threat to the life and health of all of us, especially those of us 60 and older.In turn, he derides former Vice President Joe Biden for mask-wearing and for discouraging large political gatherings.

Having served with Joe Biden for 12 years in the Senate, I know him as a sensible, caring man.I urge independents and disappointed Republicans to join with me in supporting Joe Biden in November.

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