25 Jan, 2021 21:00 am

Coke cleaning hacks: The 7 things you can clean with Coca-cola

Coke cleaning hacks: The 7 things you can clean with Coca-cola
COKE might not be the healthiest drink on the planet, but this fizzy refreshment can be used around the house as a cleaning product instead. Here are seven things you can clean with Coca-cola.

READ MORE-  Baking soda: How to avoid the itchy and sore signs of eczema Coke cleaning hacks: Coca-cola is a great cleaner, apparently Make the most of your money by signing up to our newsletter for FREE now SUBSCRIBE We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters.Coke cleaning hacks: Soak your grout in Coke to brighten its colour READ MORE White vinegar cleaning hacks: 10 ways to clean your kitchen Clean windows Forget your white vinegar cleaner, use Coke to clean your windows instead.Coke cleaning hacks: Coca-cola can make your windows shine Descale kettle Coke can get rid of limescale from your kettle, just like white vinegar.Olive oil hacks: The 9 household uses for olive oil  [INFORMER] Citric acid cleaning hacks: How to use citric acid for limescale  [INSIGHT] White vinegar cleaning hacks: White vinegar tricks that actually work  [EXPLAINER] READ MORE Window cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan shares hack for 'sparkling' windows Clean toilet Coke, Diet Coke especially, can clean the inside of your toilet easily.

Coke cleaning hacks: Clean your toilet with a can of diet coke and a brush Get rid of stains If you’ve got any grease, sweat or blood marks on your clothes, Coke will get rid of them.5, just like white vinegar.

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