World Socialist Web Site 30 Mar, 2021 03:15 am

CNN’s pandemic “postmortem”: The anatomy of a “social murder”

CNN’s pandemic “postmortem”: The anatomy of a “social murder”
The interviews with Birx and Fauci are an indictment of a government and political establishment that deliberately allowed hundreds of thousands of people to die in order to protect the interests of the financial oligarchy.

But for the next two months, the United States would carry out no testing for the disease, even though a test from the WHO became available in early January.In their interviews, the health officials faulted each other for failing to use the widely available WHO test, passing the blame like a hot potato until FDA commissioner Steven Hahn finally claimed the WHO was itself responsible because it did not force the United States to use its tests.Just days after the release of the guidelines, the WSWS wrote: The Trump administration’s cynical announcement of a set of fraudulent “guidelines” that will serve to legitimize a rapid reopening of businesses and a forced return to work, in unsafe conditions, brings to an end any public pretense of a systematic and coordinated effort within the United States to prioritize health and to protect human life in combating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.” The most highly cited passage from the CNN program came with the admission by Birx that nearly half a million deaths in the United States were preventable.

On Monday, just one day after Birx made clear that most of the deaths in the United States were preventable, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky warned of “impending doom” if the United States does not change its course.One year after the events depicted in the CNN program, one thousand people are dying daily in the United States.

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