18 Mar, 2021 05:15 am

Climate sceptic invited to speak to city councillors

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The council will be discussing what feedback it wants to give to the Climate Change Commission on how to get New Zealand to carbon neutrality by 2050.Councillor Tamatha Paul, who holds the council’s climate change portfolio, agreed that shutting him off would establish a dangerous precedent.” At the meeting, the council will finalise its submission to the Climate Change Commission.But it’s his position as a trustee to the Global Warming Policy Foundation has raised eyebrows.

The funders behind the Global Warming Policy Foundation have not been made public, although founder Lord Lawson has denied taking money from fossil fuel companies.“If he has collaborated with the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which also has a high number of high quality, IPCC experienced scientists, that is for him to make that choice in his retirement.

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