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Cleaning Services Busy As Covid Cases Rise - Erie News Now

Cleaning Services Busy As Covid Cases Rise - Erie News Now
Professional Cleaning companies sees slight uptick in business but expects demand to grow.

"We have seen a slight increase, I seem to think a much bigger increase is on its way", said Pacifico." Pacifico said these past few years have been a learning experience, "I've been doing this for just under 20 years and I'll be honest with you, I've never thought that I would ever see anything like this." If you are looking to keep places in your home clean and safe from germs or harmful viruses or if you are looking to keep your business or office,  Pacifico said hitting the high touch points of rooms is key to killing germs.One thing that can be done to prevent the spread of germs is to bring in a cleaning company or clean your workspace yourself.

Vincent Pacifico, the General Manager of ServiceMaster Clean by Advanced said business has picked up throughout the pandemic."Light switches, door knobs, crash bars, flat surfaces, restrooms, fixtures, things of that nature, that they want to make sure are taken care of", explained Pacifico.

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