Ghanaian Times ghanaiantimes.com.gh 25 Nov, 2021 10:45 am

‘Citizenry understanding of budget will demand accountability, transparency’

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has underscored the need for the translation of the national budget into various Ghanaian languages and audio formats to demand probity, accountability and transparency.“A national budget will not make the desired impact if it is not well communicated or understood by citizens as it contains key policies, programmes and social interventions of government that influence the lives of the people,” the Commission said.Paul Tetteh, Assin Fosu Municipal Director of the Commission, observed that a national budget established prioritisation of allocation of public resources, achieving policy goals through prudent financial planning, establish probity, accountability and transparency, regarding usage of tax payers’ money and financial controls.The government should put measures in place to ensure the budget is always translated into local languages to understand issues better when explained to us in our local languages,” Mr Tetteh intimated.

He indicated that with the advent of social media and countless media outlets, the budget statement could be produced in short audio formats in different languages, explaining in details, sector by sector policy directive of the budget, adding that “equally, the commission has shown over time, given the necessary resources, it is capable of discharging its duties effectively and efficiently, in collaboration with other state agencies.It explained that the citizenry understanding of the budget would also enable them to enhance understanding of the citizenry.

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