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Cincinnati voters reject $50 million annual affordable housing proposal

Cincinnati voters reject $50 million annual affordable housing proposal
Issue 3 was designed to add a new article to Cincinnati’s City Charter. The language did not specify where the money would come from but suggested several potential funding sources, including the city’s $400 million general fund.

CINCINNATI — The city of Cincinnati will not have to find $50 million to fund a new affordable housing trust fund.” The union leaders and politicians who fought against Issue 3 agree the city needs more affordable housing, he said, and now must work to find other, better ways to create that.But how do we make sure that this doesn’t just fall to the back burner, and we continue on this pace to ensure that we can bring affordable housing to Cincinnati in a responsible manner that doesn’t damage and doesn’t hurt current services.RELATED: Issue 3: Backers laud affordable housing proposal while critics worry of budget impact City leaders warned that could require drastic cuts to basic services, including Cincinnati’s police and fire departments.

Spring has been fighting for years to increase affordable housing in the city, and his organization was among the many nonprofits that supported Issue 3.“At this point, even our opposers, all of the mayoral candidates have affordable housing on the tips of their tongues and are talking about it,” Spring said.

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