fxstreet.com 22 Feb, 2021 15:45 am

Churchill Capital (CCIV) Still a buy stock? What happens once if Lucid merger announced

Churchill Capital shares continue to trade strongly on Friday. CCIV stock opened above $60 as markets, in general, were positive and continued momentu

Churchill Capital shares continue to be strong as further speculation over the merger with Lucid Motors aired at the weekend.Most holders are very bullish about prospects for CCIV once it becomes Lucid Motors.Well, we are still waiting on news re the much talked about merger with Lucid Motors.Now I have no idea if the deal goes through or not, I have no insider information, but let's assume the Lucid Motors merger does go ahead then how does it work.

Once the process is complete Churchill Capital and Lucid Motors merge and Lucid becomes a public stock and then trades accordingly.Anyway, what is for sure is that someone offering Churchill capital shares at $10 is going to get his hand bitten off so there will be a huge demand to get some, so most investors, whether private or institutional will be disappointed.

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