The Examiner 26 Dec, 2020 04:45 am

Christmas students Blue Springs School District

Christmas students Blue Springs School District
Posted one Centerpoint nurse in a thankful response, “What an awesome greeting I found hanging in our hospital cafeteria!!”

” “The signs were the hit of our holiday lunch,” another employee posted.Yet another employee posted that she “Sat at lunch today and found one of these adorable cards on my table as I ate.“It was much appreciated and the cards were adorable,” one employee posted in response on social media.” A picture from Centerpoint on social media shows that banner found a home in the cafeteria.

“During this holiday season, I know a lot of things are hard right now, so we just wanted to show our community how much we care and love them,” Ashlee Bernard, a first grade teacher at William Yates, said in a district video.” Amanda Ferguson, a fifth grade teacher at Chapel Lakes, said that, in a time of so much uncertainty, she was touched to see the positive messages from her students to front-line workers.

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