en.ce.cn 21 Jan, 2023 03:45 am

China delivers acclaimed performance in fighting once-in-a-century pandemic--China Economic Net

" * The successful COVID-19 response in the last three years has bought precious time for China's vaccine and drug development and application, as well as its medical resource preparation, and China's active adjustment of response strategy in light of the evolving pandemic situation is science-based, timely and necessary.In the face of the worst pandemic in a century, China has placed the health and safety of the people above all else, continuously optimized and adjusted COVID-19 response measures according to the circumstances, and done its best to extend a helping hand to other virus-hit countries, delivering an acclaimed performance.China took the initiative to adjust its COVID-19 response measures when the ability of the virus to harm people's health and safety and its impact on the economy and society weakened.The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee laid out 20 measures to further improve China's COVID-19 response during a meeting on Nov.

China has shifted the focus of its COVID-19 response from infection prevention to medical treatment.The building of broad consensus and conducting science-based decision-making are key steps in the adjustment of COVID-19 response strategies.

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