en.ce.cn 25 Jan, 2023 03:15 am

"China-chic" boom adds vigor to time-honored brands in Beijing--China Economic Net

24 (Xinhua) -- At Wuyutai Tea shop on Qianmen Street, a landmark commercial street in Beijing, customers are lining up to buy speciality tea ice cream.Well-known for its jasmine tea, Wuyutai Tea is a time-honored tea brand in Beijing with a 135-year history.It is popular with customers," said Zhao Shuxin, chairman of the board of Wuyutai Tea.The strong consumption power of the younger generations has promoted the transformation of Wuyutai Tea in recent years.

In 2021, Wuyutai Tea embraced "Guochao," a consumer trend among young people meaning "China-chic." It features products designed with traditional cultural elements, and Wuyutai Tea has launched an array of "tea plus" products, including tea drinks, dim sum and mooncakes.

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