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Chicago's top attorney resigns over botched raid

Chicago's top attorney resigns over botched raid
Chicago’s top attorney resigned on Sunday amid fallout from his office’s attempt to squelch the public release of video from a botched February 2019 raid in which cops went to the wrong house and handcuffed a naked Black woman as they sought someone who didn’t live there.

Body camera footage shows Chicago police officers conducting an errant raid on social worker Anjanette Young’s home on Feb.(Chicago Police Department) (Chicago Police Department) Then the city tried to stop WBBM from airing the available footage, an attempt that was tossed out in court.“Today I have offered my letter of resignation as Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago,” Corporation Counsel Mark Flessner said on Twitter.Mark Flessner, Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago, poses in his office at City Hall in Chicago’s Loop, Sept.

“It is clear that the raid of Anjanette Young’s home was a tragedy that we must learn from,” Flessner said in a statement obtained by The Associated Press.” Flessner headed the office that tried to stop the public release of the video, which showed social worker Anjanette Young, 50, being handcuffed while she was naked – police had burst in while she was changing clothes after her workday – as they ignored the 40-plus times she said they had the wrong house.

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