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'cheat and steal instead of innovate' – HotAir

'cheat and steal instead of innovate' – HotAir
"the charged MSS officers coordinated with staff and professors at various universities in Hainan and elsewhere in China"

The four hackers are all part of the Hainan State Security Department which is a regional branch of the Ministry of State Security (MSS).What’s most interesting, at least to me, about this effort is that the state security hackers apparently worked closely with several universities in the region (the photo above is one of Hainan’s major universities, though I don’t know if it was specifically involved).In this case they simply put together a shopping list of data they wanted to steal and then helped the state security goons identify ways to target the right people.government and private cybersecurity experts as likely to be affiliated with China’s Ministry of State Security, or MSS, began using the flaw in January to start hacking into companies, seemingly as part of China’s conventional spying operations.

Not only did such universities assist the MSS in identifying and recruiting hackers and linguists to penetrate and steal from the computer networks of targeted entities, including peers at many foreign universities, but personnel at one identified Hainan-based university also helped support and manage Hainan Xiandun as a front company, including through payroll, benefits and a mailing address… According to the indictment, to gain initial access to victim networks, the conspiracy sent fraudulent spearphishing emails, that were buttressed by fictitious online profiles and contained links to doppelgänger domain names, which were created to mimic or resemble the domains of legitimate companies.In some instances, the conspiracy used hijacked credentials, and the access they provided, to launch spearphishing campaigns against other users within the same victim entity or at other targeted entities.

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