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Charter schools expected to be approved for Central Islip, Wyandanch

Charter schools expected to be approved for Central Islip, Wyandanch
Proposed charter schools for Central Islip and Wyandanch appear headed for final approval, as supporters reject arguments by state lawmakers, teacher-union leaders and others that the plans would unde

SUNY’s four-member charter school committee voted unanimously in favor of the new schools in October.Should SUNY trustees reaffirm their position, the South Shore Charter School in Central Islip and Academy Charter School in Wyandanch would win automatic approval within 30 days."I still feel the same way — opening the charter school will be better for the kids out here," said Saymone Nixon, a Wyandanch resident and mother of two school-age children.Opening a local charter school, which charges districts tuition fees for students it recruits, could threaten Wyandanch's newfound economic stability, education officials suggested.

"I am deeply disappointed by the State University of New York Charter Schools Committee’s shameful decision to move forward with the issuance of the Academy Charter School’s proposal," Jean-Pierre declared.For example, an existing charter school in Hempstead run by the Academy organization began with primary grades in 2009 and since has grown to a full-fledged K-12 system with more than 1,700 students.

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