Visegrad Insight 14 Jan, 2021 08:15 am

Change the Mindset about Technology

Change the Mindset about Technology
Central European states are not equipped with the technology, legal framework and willingness of state employees to move closer to the digital economy.

There was a strange bunch of people waiting for Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš that day in the middle of March in front of the government’s office in the centre of Prague.The prime minister accepted the help and this group, which created the Covid19CZ team, cooperated with some state agencies.Řehák ended up in the prime minister’s office realising that no state office could do the same.“We have seen that even if the prime minister or a minister supports something, it does not mean it will happen,” said Jakub Nešetřil in an interview with Hospodářské noviny in April of last year.

Czech entrepreneurs have got that far because they got support from the prime minister – but only rhetorical one.There was a primary struggle with governance because Prime Minister Igor Matovič could not organise and lead.

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