18 Oct, 2020 03:45 am

Chances of Nov. 2 asteroid strike less than COVID death

Chances of Nov. 2 asteroid strike less than COVID death
The chance of dying from COVID-19 is not less than that of an asteroid striking Earth on Nov. 2, according to NASA and health experts.

The chance of dying from Covid 19 is .Additionally, epidemiologists say the COVID-19 "chance of dying" quoted in the social media claim is incorrect and misleading.068% of the US population has died of COVID (and this number only continues to grow) which is higher than the chance of dying from an asteroid below," said epidemiologist Suzanne Judd, director of the Lister Hill Center for Health Policy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.19%, though Judd said this is not the same as the "chance of dying.

"For example, if a person and the members of their household are not interacting with other people in situations where risk of contracting COVID is high then that person would have a low chance of dying from COVID because they are not likely to be infected with COVID.It has been shared in various iterations thousands of times on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to downplay the severity and risk of COVID-19, a global pandemic.

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