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Carrot, deer with arrow through his head, is ‘unifying people’

Carrot, deer with arrow through his head, is ‘unifying people’
Carrot the deer is in a pickle.

The whitetail buck, who frequents the Kenora, Ontario backyard of Lee-Anne Carver, is “unlike any deer” the Canadian wildlife photographer has ever met, and now his unique situation is “unifying people,” she told The Guardian Thursday.Most Read “He’s given us something to focus on right now, and something to love,” Carver told The Guardian.Of Carrot’s internet presence, Carver told The Guardian, “The internet is a place where everybody wants to argue about something.“And that means a lot.

Staff from the province’s ministry of natural resources and police officers on Wednesday went to Carver’s property and eventually managed to trim the arrow, the shaft of which she hopes will fall out within a few months.Though Carrot, like the rest of the planet amid the coronavirus pandemic, is “suffering” at the moment, the sweet animal has “become bigger than that,” Carver said.

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