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CARIBBEAT: Celebrate the Brooklyn way with debut ball ‘rising’ to bring in 2021

CARIBBEAT: Celebrate the Brooklyn way with debut ball ‘rising’ to bring in 2021
After percolating for almost a decade, "NYE Brooklyn Ball," a New Year's eve countdown in Brooklyn, will be finally "rising" into existence this year.

The "Just for Dads: A Discussion on Tourette Syndrome and Parenting" Zoom event, the new Spanish-language initiative exemplifies the comprehensive support provided by the Tourette Syndrome of America.(Tourette Syndrome of America) Help for Tourette’s [More New York] ‘We will be back’: Owner of Brooklyn’s Bassett Caterers expects his vintage business to rise from the ashes of Christmas Day fire p Coping with conditions not limited by boundaries of age, race, ethnicity or gender, the Tourette Association of America has been forging ahead with programs and activities advocating and aiding the many needs of the Tourette’s Syndrome and Tic Disorder community.An a new Spanish-language initiative is among the ever-increasing commitment of the association According to the association, Tourette’s Syndrome, neurodevelopmental disorder, is “part of the spectrum of Tic Disorders — “involuntary, repetitive movements and vocalizations,” such as eye blinking, head jerking, and facial movements and tongue clicking, which become apparent in “early childhood or adolescence.The Spanish-language campaign is designed to educate the Hispanic community — with a digital campaign targeting the estimated 1 million Americans “impacted by Tourette’s Syndrome.

Another example of the Tourette Association’s effort is the upcoming “Just for Dads: A Discussion on Tourette’s Syndrome and Parenting” live Zoom session on Jan.[More New York] Three robbers busted for sticking up Long Island gas stations on Christmas Day p The session will “focus on the father’s perspective of supporting children with Tourette’s Syndrome — “being a father to a child, or children, with Tourette’s Syndrome.

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