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Carey Mulligan mesmerizes in ‘Promising Young Woman’ (review)

Carey Mulligan mesmerizes in ‘Promising Young Woman’ (review)
The tone shifts radically from one moment to the next, and humor is a regular companion to mayhem, pain, even violence.

It’s an ending that may not be expected — well, it’s definitely not expected — but Fennell has said it was the truest way to end a real story of female revenge, not a comic-book version.But we know it’s payback, for something that once happened to her adored school friend Nina.The stellar supporting cast includes Alison Brie as a former school friend, Connie Britton as a med-school dean, Alfred Molina as a remorseful lawyer, Laverne Cox as Cassie’s sympathetic boss, Christopher Lowell as a troubled figure from the past, and others, all excellent.But they bear the brunt of Cassie’s anger, especially those who go through life convincing the world — and themselves — what “gentlemen” they are.

“Promising Young Woman,” a Focus Features release, has been rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America “for strong violence including sexual assault, language throughout, some sexual material and drug use.) When I watched a second time, I was able to focus less on the shock of the ending and more on the crafting of those final minutes, from the stunning monologue Mulligan gives to explain her motives, to the escalating suspense, to the chilling choice of music.

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