castanet.net 11 May, 2022 22:00 am

Carbon-free cost too high

According to Aaron Dolyniuk, the executive director of the Manitoba Trucking Association, and as reported in the Winnipeg Sun, the cost of a new diesel truck is about $200,000 and the cost of a new electric truck (one that cannot currently be used for long-hauls because of a lack of range and a lack of charging stations) is about $500,000.

It’s all based on some computer models that claim to be able to not only predict temperatures 50 years in the future but also predict the impact that those temperatures will have on Mother Nature.Rather, they are computer models claiming to predict the earth's climate, which is the most complex system imaginable.Trudeau and his pals are betting the folks at the UN IPCC and at NASA are smart enough and, more importantly, unbiased enough to write those computer models.Kelowna needs help now, not later and not after 15 more (highrise) towers.

Mohini Singh did question how many highrise towers the city has approved in recent months.Details can be easily found online at Brown University’s Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs, whose pages tabulate “human costs of war”, including civilians killed and wounded” in post-9/11 conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries where the U.

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