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Carbon at the center of beef conversations

Carbon at the center of beef conversations
In April, the Environmental Working Group petitioned USDA, asking the agency to prohibit meat producers from claiming that certain beef is “low carbon” and to require independent verification of other climate claims on food. EWG...

“No food choice results in more greenhouse gas emissions than beef,” he added, in a news release.Meanwhile, the first United States Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, (former Secretary of State and former Senator) spoke at a Climate Summit recently, claiming that agriculture contributes 33 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and pushing for “innovations” that will cut emissions.USDA says beef cattle contribute 2 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the US.Kerry claimed that 15 million people die every year as a consequence of greenhouse gas emissions.

He said that most claims like “net zero” and “carbon neutral” are based on carbon offsets that are “hard to measure and not independently verified.Carbon offsets and beef’s impact on the environment is “hard to measure.

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