24 Mar, 2021 00:00 am

Call For Hunters To Put Safety First This Easter

Call For Hunters To Put Safety First This Easter
The Department of Conservation (DOC) is urging deer hunters to take care during the peak of the roar this Easter weekend, as data shows a spike in hunting activity leads to an increase in injuries. Last year’s roar hunt was cancelled due to the ...

” The New Zealand Police, Game Animal Council, Mountain Safety Council and New Zealand Deerstalkers Association, are also reminding hunters to keep safe during the roar.Mountain Safety Council data shows between 2004 and 2016, 12,628 hunters were injured.The Mountain Safety Council has released a video reminding hunters to be well prepared for the roar: Same hunt.Mountain Safety Council’s A Hunters Tale 2017 is available here.

During a simulation experiment, Dr Bridges found hunters tend to overestimate the time they took to identify their target by as much as 25%.“What felt like 2 minutes for a hunter to identify their target and place a shot, was actually only 90 seconds.

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