fxstreet.com 22 Feb, 2021 06:30 am

Bulls take control, 0.8000 at sight

Bulls take control, 0.8000 at sight
The AUD/USD pair soared to a fresh almost three-year high of 0.7866 this Friday, holding on to gains as the week ends. The Australian dollar has spent

On a down note, Retail Sales in the country rose a modest 0.US January Retail Sales surprised to the upside, rising by 5.7700 comes as the next possible bearish target.When it comes to possible targets, the lower end is being limited by the 0.

Across the FX board, the action was dull for most of the week, with major pairs holding within familiar levels as investors struggled to assess a mixed macroeconomic calendar and the absence of progress in fundamental developments.The Momentum indicator turned higher within familiar levels, while the RSI indicator maintains its bullish slope above 70.

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