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Bulawayo residents up in arms with councillors

Bulawayo residents up in arms with councillors
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“We had hoped that councillors would take a bold stand against this but most of them have strategically positioned themselves to benefit from the decisions taken by the technocrats,” said Mr Dube.The reason why we are saying we are now left alone is that very few councillors follow what they are supposed to be doing,” said Mr Dube.Mr Dube said the US$1 per hour parking charges have made Bulawayo one of the most expensive cities for motorists.Abandoned parking bays and deserted streets tell a story,” said Mr Dube.

Most of the businesses affected actually pay rent to the council,” said Mr Dube He said another area of concern was that council was demanding top up for purchased housing stands.Mr Dube said BCC should also stop attaching residents’ properties over unpaid bills.

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