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Building Communication Confidence With Audience in Mind [Podcast]

We’ve all had to deliver a speech sometime in our lives; and, over time, the more we publicly speak, the better we get. But, once we step down from the

We speak with Monique Russell, Training & Communication Consultant | Leadership & Relationship Development Coach at Clear Communication Solutions, LLC, about how confidence in communication is an internal struggle rather than something improved upon behind a podium.” — Monique Russell The only way to build confidence is to recognize where your feelings of insecurity are coming from, internally.” — Monique Russell Imagine walking into a restaurant and noticing that the sirloin steak dinner is only 25 cents.There’s a reason ‘get rich quick’ schemes attract so many people — we all wish there was some overnight solution to our problems.

But sadly, just like the ‘get rich quick’ scheme, confidence won’t be built after a few moments of getting outside your comfort zone.How, then, do we build that confidence to deliver a brand message?

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