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‘Buhari could become father of modern Nigerian democracy’Politics

‘Buhari could become father of modern Nigerian democracy’Politics
Last Thursday, Nigerians celebrated the 60th Independence anniversary of the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic with measured fanfare

So, I expect the social-cultural organisations in the major zones of the country to channel the synergy they have exhibited publicly to our representatives in the National Assembly, the governors, and the state Houses of Assembly instead of insisting that the exercise is a waste of time and resources.They should submit their memoranda to the National Assembly and exert pressure on their representatives, who I believe has the number, to ensure that those amendments are passed.We submitted a memo to the PDP-dominated National Assembly but they jettisoned it.So, I expect the National Assembly to expedite action in enacting enabling bills that the president will sign into law for our elections to be credible and transparent.

Abdulsalami Abubakar imposed the 1999 constitution on Nigerians.Abubakar should apologise to Nigerians for the imposition of the 1999 constitution that has put us in this quagmire.

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