POLITICO politico.eu 12 Jan, 2022 06:30 am

Brussels Playbook: Oligarch crashes Brussels party

* * strong Figures from across Europe paid tribute to David Sassoli, the president of the European Parliament who died in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Italy.GREENS ENTER PRESIDENCY RACE: The Greens are nominating Alice Bah Kuhnke, a former Swedish minister who was also a TV presenter and skilled sprinter, to take on the center-right’s Roberta Metsola in the race for the European Parliament presidency.MUSICAL CHAIRS: Malte Gallée, a 29-year-old Green, is joining the European Parliament to fill the spot vacated by Sven Giegold, who left Brussels last year to join the German government.strongThough Gallée accepted the mandate in November last year, he was waiting for the president of Germany’s parliament Bärbel Bas to officially inform the European Parliament before he could take up his spot.

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