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Broadway stars rally to save NYC's West Bank Cafe

Broadway stars rally to save NYC's West Bank Cafe
Patrons have raised over $113,000 to save West Bank Cafe, which will hold a Christmas Day telethon featuring 140 stars, including actress Debra Messing, Megan Hilty from "Wicked" and actor David Eigenberg from "Sex and the City."

The bills at the beloved West Bank Cafe piled up for months as coronavirus ravaged the restaurant industry — and by early December, the outlook was grim.From left, producer and director Michael D'Angora, writer and producer Tom D'Angora, West Bank Cafe owner Steve Olsen and composer Joe Iconis.There they ran into actor Tim Guinee and West Bank owner Steve Olsen, who said the cafe couldn’t hang on much longer — and together, they began to brainstorm ways to keep the curtain from falling.“It’s like holding a bucket of water and looking at a forest fire and not knowing what to do,” D’Angora said of the financial woes facing West Bank and other arts and theater venues.

West Bank Cafe owner Steve Olsen.” Olsen first opened West Bank at its current location, 407 W.

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