World Socialist Web Site 06 Apr, 2021 04:00 am

British Columbia’s NDP government keeps schools and workplaces open as infections surge

British Columbia’s NDP government keeps schools and workplaces open as infections surge
Despite evidence showing that only frontline health care workers have filed more COVID-19-related compensation claims than teachers, the BC Teachers’ Federation supports the NDP government in insisting on in-class instruction.

WorkSafeBC had registered a total of 149 claims from teachers as of March 26, including 109 from elementary and kindergarten teachers, and 40 from secondary school teachers.WorkSafeBC’s public data does not separate elementary and secondary school teaching assistants, however the total number of claims made by teaching assistants as of March 26 stands at 64.Instead of focusing on the key fact from the figures, which is that the only professions to file more coronavirus-related claims than teachers are health care workers directly caring for infectious patients, the BCTF concentrated its fire on a secondary question: that elementary school teachers filed two-and-a-half times more claims than secondary school teachers.According to the BCTF, this demonstrated that all that was required for schools to continue with packed classes was for the provincial government to impose a mask mandate on all elementary school students, like the one that already exists for their secondary school counterparts.

The third wave of Canada’s COVID-19 pandemic is surging across the country, including in British Columbia.British Columbia’s trade union-backed New Democratic Party (NDP) government continues to cover up the extent of infections by refusing to provide information to the public about the number of infections in educational institutions.

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