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Brig-Gen Mabenge, a disciplinarian and unifier

Brig-Gen Mabenge, a  disciplinarian and unifier
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A liberation fighter whose Chimurenga name was Cde Freddie Matanga, Brig-Gen Mabenge died on Monday at a hospital in Harare and has since been declared a national hero.He said they met in 1979 before they worked together during elections in 2002 when Brig-Gen Mabenge was deployed to lead the Zanu-PF campaign in Kwekwe.During the land reform programme, Brig-Gen Mabenge played a critical role in Kwekwe.Cllr Moyo said Brig-Gen Mabenge put his country ahead of anything else.

Close family friend, Retired Major George Valentine Makombe said the later Brig-Gen Mabenge was more than a soldier.Brig-Gen Mabenge is survived by wife Rosegema, six children and 10 grandchildren.

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