25 Jan, 2021 13:30 am

Brexit news: Polling guru John Curtice warns of UK breakup now UK out of EU

Brexit news: Polling guru John Curtice warns of UK breakup now UK out of EU
PROFESSOR John Curtice warned Brexit and national identity issues are dividing the Union, leading to growing support for independence and a potential breakup of the UK.

“Maybe not so quite concerned about Northern Ireland.“In contrast in Scotland and in Northern Ireland, this poll confirms the evidence of other polls.' Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are the most vocal about independence issues in the UK The University of Strathclyde professor said: "If you ask people both in Scotland and Northern Ireland whether or not they're going to be better off or worse off as a result of the UK leaving the European Union you're going to get even more negative response.Professor Curtice said: “It’s not quite at that position in Northern Ireland but again this is not the first poll to suggest that support for the Union is only a little bit higher than unification with the North.

Professor Curtice replied: “Clearly we wouldn’t be having this debate at all but for the fact, in Northern Ireland, one half of the community feels Irish and the other half feels British and in the wake of that they have very different views about how they would like to be governed.He argued Brexit divided the country and the fallout from the withdrawal has added fuel to independence arguments made by the likes of SNP's Nicola Sturgeon.

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