11 Mar, 2021 01:30 am

Brazil In The World

Brazil In The World
Next only to the worst destroyers of the earth’s climate slowing their destructive activities, one of the best steps that could be taken for this planet might be for the destroyers of the Amazon rain forests to knock it off. They’re led by one of ...

Greenwald, originally from the United States, had lived in Brazil for years, had broken the Edward Snowden stories, and had been widely appreciated by the Brazilian government and media for revealing U.The United States hasn’t seen something like this in my lifetime, but it does happen.Even Greenwald recounts that he was pleased at the unusual spectacle (for anyone from the United States) of seeing powerful people held to the rule of and WarIsACrime.

org, WarIsACrime.Greenwald and his colleagues at The Intercept and other media outlets they partnered with revealed that Moro, the public face of integrity and justice, had been secretly and illegally working with prosecutors to railroad victims of his “anti-corruption” project known as Operation Carwash.

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