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Bob Ross Plushies Ride On Roller Coaster

Bob Ross Plushies Ride On Roller Coaster
Who knew Bob Ross was a fan of roller coasters (or at least dolls that look like the late painter)? Check out this test run of a coaster at an amusement park in Ohio.

Key constituencies to watch Dumbarton Dumbarton, which is currently held by deputy Scottish Labour leader Jackie Baillie on a wafer-thin majority of just 103 votes, is a major SNP target seat.Baillie has been reasonably high-profile of late due to her role in the Alex Salmond Holyrood inquiry committee and a stint in charge of Scottish Labour while the party sought a new leader, and whether or not she loses the seat to SNP opponent Toni Giugliano will speak to her party’s wider fortunes.Scottish Labour election manifesto Glasgow Southside Easily the SNP’s safest seat - which Nicola Sturgeon won in 2016 with a majority of over 9,500 and more votes than all other candidates combined - the constituency has become interesting because it is also being contested by Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Labour leader.The first time in British political history that two major party leaders have stood directly against one another, the result will shed early light on whether Sarwar has been successful in starting to turn Scottish Labour’s fortunes around.

Why the Mexico City metro crash was an avoidable tragedy After the disaster leaves at least 23 dead, people are asking how could it happen, reports Chris Havler-Barrett in Mexico City Key seats which could prove pivotal in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election Nicola Sturgeon is looking to extend her time as First Minister in this year's Scottish Parliament elections and is hoping to secure an outright majority to bolster her calls for a second independence referendum.The elections, which take place on Thursday May 6 following a year's postponement due to coronavirus, will see 129 MSPs voted in to sit in the Scottish Parliament, including 73 representing constituencies and 56 representing eight regions of the country - seven for each region.

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