The Examiner 25 Dec, 2020 01:00 am

Bob Buckley United States Constitution Electoral College

Bob Buckley United States Constitution Electoral College
Many wonder how we arrived at this point where a candidate can receive several million more votes, yet lose the election. It all began when the framers of our Constitution were deciding how to elect a president.

The Electoral College has met, and Joseph Biden received more than 270 electoral votes to be elected president of the United States.There is currently a debate over whether the Electoral College method of electing president should be continued.In 2020, Biden won the popular vote and received enough votes to win the Electoral College vote.Five times in American history, the person who received the most popular votes lost the Electoral College vote.

Another historical aspect of the Electoral College was consideration of the number of slaves in Southern states.One of the major complaints of the Electoral College is the fact that states such as Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Delaware, Vermont, North Dakota and South Dakota are guaranteed three Electoral College votes for their two senators and one representative.

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