The Examiner 09 Jan, 2021 01:15 am

Bob Buckley column

Bob Buckley column
Some of these lawyers, at one time, had the respect of their peers but have done great harm to their reputations by engaging in conduct that is demeaning to lawyers and may be unethical.

1 of our Rules states: “A lawyer shall not bring or defend a proceeding or assert or controvert an issue therein, unless there is a basis in law and fact for doing so that is not frivolous, which includes a good faith argument for an extension, modification, or reversal of existing law.” Another rule provides that a lawyer shall not make a false statement of fact or law to a tribunal or fail to correct a false statement of material fact or law.I have watched with amazement the lawsuits that have been filed over the recent presidential election.The sloppiness and shoddiness of the lawyers who have filed these lawsuits is remarkable.

Over 60 lawsuits have been filed in state and federal courts and even directly in the United States Supreme Court.It begins with the opening paragraphs of our Rules of Professional Conduct.

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