19 Mar, 2021 00:45 am

Bluelab Doubles Employees Despite Pandemic Affected Supply Chain Issues

Bluelab Doubles Employees Despite Pandemic Affected Supply Chain Issues
TAURANGA 19 March 2021: When the city of Wuhan entered lockdown in January 2020, it forced a Tauranga-based company into a make-or-break situation. Rather than accepting defeat, Bluelab rallied, transformed and then impressively responded to a rapidly ...

In response to an increasingly locked-down world, we turned to technology as our solution by significantly bolstering our digital offerings to help pull down the barriers to Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), making this sustainable growing method much more accessible,” says Jarvis.We believe in the art of growing for a healthier world,” says Jarvis.They utilised the first nationwide lockdown as an opportunity to ensure office staff were set up to work safely and comfortably from home says Jarvis.“In 12 months, our team has doubled in size, revenue is up 88 percent we doubled our warehousing, found new supply chain partners and launched a new purpose, brand, ecommerce store, CRM and integrated software suite to power the business,” says Jarvis.

Hydroponics and Controlled Environment Agriculture CEA allow growers to grow more crops in less space without being dependant on weather conditions.When compared to field agriculture, CEA is much more productive per square foot and uses up to 95 percent less water.

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