The Western Producer 04 Jun, 2021 03:00 am

Big solutions recommended for Canada’s food system

Big solutions recommended for Canada’s food system
The Canadian Agri-food Policy Institute recently hosted the Big Solutions Forum, an event where private industry, producers, and government officials

Barrett’s presentation and multiple other CAPI dialogues led to a recommendation for a One Health approach to the Canadian agri-food system.A One Health approach is a model that considers the health and wellbeing of people, the planet and animals.The timeliness of a One Health approach could not be better, given the current spotlight on public health and food systems across the world.Food security is a term often used to justify the need for productivity gains and agri-food innovation, but the increasing complexity of the topic and vast socioeconomic implications indicate that supply is a small piece of the puzzle.

The first is that in the 1960s and 1970s widespread legitimate concerns of global famine prompted major agri-food system innovation.span span span p .

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