World Socialist Web Site 26 Mar, 2021 04:15 am

Biden silent on rise in COVID-19 cases, justifies attacks on immigrants

Biden silent on rise in COVID-19 cases, justifies attacks on immigrants
The Biden presidency aims to give a more “humane” presentation to ruthless demands of Wall Street and American imperialism.

Biden made brief opening remarks in which he said the United States would reach 200 million injections of some form of coronavirus vaccine by the 100-day mark of his new administration, on April 29.The US president said nothing about a much grimmer milestone that the United States is likely to reach at about the same time—600,000 dead from coronavirus, a total greater than the sum total of military casualties in every US war since the Civil War.Dismissing claims by Republicans and right-wing media outlets like Fox News that immigrants are flocking to the United States because of his more liberal policies at the border, Biden pointed out that Trump too faced a surge of refugees in the early months of each year, when weather conditions in the Mexican desert are more favorable for the journey.Biden pronounced on a number of other topics, ranging from the filibuster (he is not yet prepared to overturn it), to Afghanistan (he said the US would not meet a May 1 withdrawal deadline but would be gone by the end of the year), to his expectations for the 2024 election (he said he and Harris would run for reelection, but was unsure what his opposition would be, or if the Republican Party would even exist) to North Korea (he said that it was the most serious foreign policy issue facing the United States).

Instead, he sought to outline an ideological justification for what amounts to a new Cold War directed against both China and Russia, but China particularly, based on the claim that the United States is leading a coalition of “democracies” against the global rise of “autocracies.” He warned that China was out-investing the United States in many areas of science and research; his administration would seek to change that.

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