World Socialist Web Site 06 Apr, 2021 04:00 am

Biden’s school reopening drive fuels fourth surge of pandemic in the US

Biden’s school reopening drive fuels fourth surge of pandemic in the US
The Biden administration’s criminal pursuit of reopening the majority of all schools by the end of April, a goal which has already been reached, is now fueling the deepening surge of more infectious and lethal variants of COVID-19.

Over the past week, it has become abundantly clear that K-12 schools are one of the leading sources for the spread of COVID-19 throughout the US.The situation is most dire in Michigan, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut, all of which reopened the majority of K-12 schools for in-person learning by March or earlier.Throughout the pandemic, there has been no federal program to monitor COVID-19 infections and deaths tied to K-12 schools, with each district and state left to its own devices.Over this time period, the number one source of new outbreaks was K-12 schools, which have reopened en masse in recent months.

Since February 22, Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services recorded 357 outbreaks in K-12 schools, and another 131 outbreaks in child care facilities and at school sporting events.In Michigan, where 82 percent of students are in schools that offer fully in-person learning, those under 10 years old are the second fastest rising group of COVID-19 cases, up 238 percent over the past month, with those aged 10–19 seeing the highest increase in cases.

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