The Motley Fool fool.com 03 Aug, 2022 11:30 am

Better Chip Stock: Intel vs. Qualcomm

Better Chip Stock: Intel vs. Qualcomm
Which leading chipmaker is the better all-around investment?

Qualcomm stock also shed more than 20% of its value as investors fretted over the slowing growth of the smartphone market.But over the past year, Qualcomm moved past most of those issues and focused on three priorities instead: preserving its lead in the high-end market with new Snapdragon SoCs (system on chips), reducing its dependence on the smartphone market by selling more chips for connected vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and generating healthy cash flows for its buybacks and dividends.Those growth rates are dazzling, but it's bracing for slower growth next year as the smartphone market faces another cyclical slowdown.Intel's adjusted revenue, which excludes the ongoing divestment of its NAND chip business, rose 2% to $74.

Qualcomm's adjusted revenue rose 55% to $33.That's why analysts expect Qualcomm's revenue and adjusted EPS to increase just 6% and 5%, respectively, in fiscal 2023.

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