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BC SPCA Spring lotto closes Friday

BC SPCA Spring lotto closes Friday
The BC SPCA's spring lottery is coming to a close.

In May 2011, plaintiff Celia Langston-Bergman, then 20, attended a concert by now-defunct band Boogie Monster at a run run-down, Chinatown building well known to local Indie rock fans as “Winnie Cooper,” Justice Harry Slade said in his May 10 decision.Slade said Boogie Monster had two members — guitarist Ben Fussell and drummer Tony Dallas.Fussell laid his guitar on the floor, poured a liquid on it from a water bottle and ignited it,” Slade said.She went outside, “where she tried to cool the burns with water from a puddle,” Slade said.

Slade said most burns have healed but the graft sites remain obvious.Slade said Langston-Bergman is reluctant to work in emergency or intensive care units, as she does not want to treat burn victims.

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