04 May, 2021 00:15 am

Battle of wits: Antiguans revel in ancient board game

Battle of wits: Antiguans revel in ancient board game
Warri is a board game popular in Antigua which traces its origins back to Africa.

Battle of wits: Antiguans revel in ancient board game By Gemma Handy St John's, Antigua Published About sharing Gemma Handy p image captionWarri is a board game popular in Antigua, and groups get together to play across the island Under the shade of a wooden hut, a stone's throw from the flurry and fumes of the Antiguan capital's main bus station, a battle of wits is afoot.image captionWarri has long provided a forum for discussing everything from politics to gossip The lively scene is mirrored on street corners across the Eastern Caribbean nation where the age-old game, brought here by ancestors from Africa, is as popular today as centuries ago.Antigua & Barbuda National Museum p image captionWarri, being played here in the 1970s, was brought to Antigua by ancestors from Africa "I will always remember playing a man described as the 'Warri God of Ghana'." Gemma Handy p image captionTrevor Simon has claimed the world champion title multiple times since the 1990s His 11-year-old cousin and protégé Skye Simon is testimony to Warri's educational value.

The "chess" of Antigua and Barbuda is a mind sport, psyching out one's opponent is as critical as choosing one's next move." media captionAllan Scott: The Queen's Gambit streaming series is "taken straight from Walter Tevis's imagination" Antigua and Barbuda Board games

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