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Bad weather to hamper New Year’s Eve throughout U.S.

Bad weather to hamper New Year’s Eve throughout U.S.
There will be more storms to weather before the end of 2020.

Snow, powerful winds and low temperatures are on the horizon throughout the United States in the coming days, with New Year’s Eve likely to be hampered in parts of the country.Several storm systems could impact different parts of the United States on New Year’s Eve this Thursday, according to Weather.New York City’s forecast on New Year’s Eve currently projects a high of 47 and a low of 34 with the possibility of rain during the day, according to Weather.Rain is also expected in New York throughout New Year’s Day.

The inclement weather could include thunderstorms in the eastern and southern United States on Thursday, including in the Gulf Coast.Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota are among the states that received warnings of incoming wintry elements from the National Weather Service, with Nebraska already being hit hard with snow on Tuesday.

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