19 Sep, 2020 02:00 am

Bad faith in law

Bad faith in law
The writer is a lawyer based in Islamabad.Good faith is a well-entrenched concept in law. You act in bad faith if you argue a position you know to be false. And you are liable for negligence if you...

The death penalty is at one end of the spectrum aimed at using deterrence as a means to prevent heinous crime.We see a change from public lynching for all sorts of crimes during recent human history to now when criminal justice systems are losing their appetite for the death penalty.This is driven less by regard for rights of criminals and more by a realization that our justice systems are unsafe and belief in the death penalty’s deterrent value is exaggerated.The death penalty remains a contested subject in the US where it is still on the statute books of many states.

So far there is no credible study that establishes a negative correlation between death penalty and violent crime.This in itself should have called for a moratorium on the death penalty.

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