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Ax-wielding vandal smashes windows at N.D. senator’s office

Ax-wielding vandal smashes windows at N.D. senator’s office
Police in Fargo, N.D. said Wednesday they had identified an ax-wielding man who smashed the windows at Republican Senator John Hoeven’s office.

xml:space="preserve"> xml:space="preserve"> 272 NYC school buildings close as COVID-19 cases rise Police in Fargo, N.” Fargo Police are looking for the man who attacked Republican Senator John Hoeven’s office with an axe.“The detective will complete a report and forward it to the State’s Attorney’s Office,” the Fargo Police Department said on Facebook.John Hoeven’s office.

“Our staff discovered the vandalism Monday morning,” a spokesperson for Hoeven told NBC News.Surveillance video from the Friday night incident shows a man with dark hair, a dark-colored face covering, a dark colored coat, blue jeans and gray sneakers walk up a staircase while carrying an ax and walk toward the office’s entrance where he starts swinging the ax before he walks away and back down the stairs.

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