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Awesome Artists We've Found Around The Net

Awesome Artists We've Found Around The Net
Our monthly column features artwork from amateur, up and coming, or well-known artists. This month features the awesome artwork of Sean Carlson!!!

For years, Awesome Art We’ve Found Around The Net has been about two things only – awesome art and the artists that create it.” In this column, we are focusing on one artist and the awesome art that they create, whether they be amateur, up and coming, or well established.This month we are very pleased to bring you the awesome art of Sean was born and raised on Long Island, New York., Century 21 Real Estate, and various businesses and clients throughout Long Island and New York City.

In addition to all that, ‘Samurai Jack’, Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’, ’30 Rock’, ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’, hot take; ‘Us’ was way better then ‘Get Out’, ‘The Core’ is a mediocre movie which I will never pass up the chance to watch, ‘Dune’, ‘Prisoners’, ‘Pawn Sacrifice’, ‘Secret Life of Walter Mitty’, ‘Synecdoche; New York’ and ‘John Wick 3’ are some of my favorite movies of the past few years.Mainly as a young kid I was looking at comic book artists like Alex Ross, Michael Turner, David Finch, Leinil Francis Yu, Neal Adams, Brandon Peterson, and Keron Grant just to name a few, but also abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock and Melissa McCracken, and you can never ignore the old masters like Caravaggio, who in my opinion is one of the greatest painters of all time.

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